About me

Sabine Friedrich

  • Since my youth, boosted by the artistic work of my father, I felt great enthusiam for painting and sculpturing. In 1995 I decided to give more room to this passion and started my artistic education at the Städelschule Frankfurt and Academy for fine Arts Vulkaneifel (nude painting), later also stone seminars with sculptress Eva Gesine Wegner

  • Opening of my Atelier “artefactura” in the year 2000

  • Expositions since 2003 in Germany, France, Cyprus, Spain

  • Expositions in the art fair “art und form”, Karlsruhe/Germany in 2005, 2006 and 2007

  • Development of the project  “the picture for this room“ to create atmosphere and accentuate style.
    Artistic design of houses with paintings and objects, considering the ambiance of the house: light, material, form, colours etc… Respecting the personality of the people who are living and working there. (including wall illustrations & mosaics)                                               

  • Creative workshop since 2003 – offering classes for various tecniques for children and adults

  • Since 2012  I’m living and working in Andalusia/Spain

Study trips to different fascinating countries give me the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and people in their cultural settings. I experience this as one of the most beautiful gifts in general. It’s like opening new doors to unknown gardens, it widens my horizon and makes me conscious of other visions. This helps me understand things better.
The abundance of impressions as well as the insight to cultural details I gain through travelling always leaves a trace inside me and provides wonderful inspiration. Some destinations turned out to be particularly impressive to me such as:  Bahama Islands  (where I spent part of my childhood), South Africa, Seychelles, China, United Arab Emirates,  Morocco and in Europe Portugal, La Gomera, Andalusia, Provence und Sicily.

I started painting with oil colours, however I soon developed a preference for acrylic colours due to their brilliance and the vast possibilities.
I like to integrate natural materials: sand, shells, stones, earth, paper… and the transition into three dimensions.

Often I combine different tecniques to create specific structures and textures. This way I  put an emphasis to particular properties of a motive or set a contrasting accent in order to enhance the theme of a painting.

Besides painting, collaging on canvas and wooden surfaces, I also work with pastels on paper, mainly for painting nudes and portraits.

I also enjoy creating small objects by working directly on things I collect in nature, (pieces of old wood, stones…) or on old furniture.

To paint is my way of exploring the world and expressing my passion for nature, my admiration for creation. This process begins with an open perception and sensitive contemplation of nature, man or a special moment. It’s an attempt to approach the essence of what surrounds me beyond the visible form.